The Benefits of Chartering a Yacht

Some say that chartering a boat or yacht is not a good deal when compared with going on a cruise ship vacation. However, if you compare a yacht cruise with a cruise ship holiday you will quickly find that a yacht vacation offers amenities, such as personalized VIP treatment, that a cruise ship does not offer. A yacht charter will cater to your every need in a way that no other vacation can.

Select Yachts offers access to beautiful and versatile yacht and sailboat options, ensuring that you will have an amazing vacation. Some of the benefits of choosing a yacht charter include:

  • Setting your own itinerary – You will have the option of setting a customized itinerary with the captain, allowing you to stay at specific ports longer if desired. All you have to do is speak with the captain about your specific wants and he or she will accommodate them.

  • Planning your own menu – You also have the option of planning your meals with the chef. Our chef is able to prepare formal or informal meals for you throughout your vacation.

  • A full-time professional crew – The size of crew is determined by the size of the vessel. Each of our crew members are carefully screened and continually evaluated by the captain and yacht owner. We want to assure our clients that we provide safe, quality services. A typical crew will consist of the Captain, Mate, Engineer, Deckhand, Chef and Stewardess.

When making the difficult choice about how to spend your vacation, charter a boat. Select Yachts offers you the freedom to customize your vacation boating experience, allowing you to get the most out of it. At Select Yachts, your every wish is our command!


Pyewacket Sailboat


Pyewacket is an 81-foot Broward sailboat that offers an exceptional value for parties of six. This beautiful boat offers a range of amenities including:


  • An enclosed aft deck and main saloon

  • Three cabins including a King Stateroom and two Twin Staterooms, making it an ideal choice for families. This King Stateroom offers a king-size bed as well as a bath, shower and toilet. Each Twin Stateroom offers two twin beds, shower and toilet

  • This boat happily accommodates children

  • New main engine and stabilizers for up-to-date and reliable transportation

  • The boat is fully air conditioned throughout

  • Three crew members to accommodate all of your needs

  • Separate crew quarters

Pyewatcket is named after a magical cat, reflective of the crew’s ability to magically remove all stress from our guests. When you and five of your closest friends or family wish to enjoy a unique and luxurious VIP vacation, consider booking a private cruise on the stunning Pyewatcket.


Vacationing on Pyewatcket


Like many people on vacation, it is likely you will prefer to spend the majority of your time relaxing and enjoying the sun and water. The Pyewatcket and her crew are happy to accommodate. Pyewacket spends the winter in Florida and the Bahamas and cruises up north to New England and Maine in the summer. When you choose to vacation with Select Yachts, we are happy to arrange fun activities for you and your guests including:


  • Water-skiing

  • Windsurfing

  • Snorkeling

  • Scuba

  • Fishing

  • Touring

  • Kayaking

  • Wave running

  • Swimming

  • Shelling

  • Sailing

  • And more!

Choosing to charter a boat can be a fun and unique way to spend quality time with your friends or family. Whether you are having a quiet dinner for two or lounging on the deck, you are sure to have a fabulous vacation. Onboard, the dining will be scaled to your preferences and tastes, making your experience as formal or casual as you like. You have many dining options, including staying on board in the evening or going ashore and finding a great restaurant. Your boat’s crew are here to ensure your vacation is everything you hoped it would be, from relaxing to action-packed.


Is a Boat Charter Vacation Affordable?


While many yacht charters can be extremely expensive and cater to the “Rich and Famous,” you can still enjoy a luxurious VIP boating vacation at an affordable price. Select Yachts offers charter options for everyone, with prices scaled to your desired level of luxury. If you are interested in a cozy honeymoon cruise on a yacht, we have cruises starting at just $5000 per week, and are inclusive of all meals and drinks.

The team at Select Yachts sees many families enjoy our yachts and sailboats. Pyewatcket is no different, and is ideal for families of six who wish to enjoy some quality time together. A high weekly price for Pyewatcket is $25000 while a low weekly price is $22000. When you compare the price per person with other group vacation options, you will see that it is extremely competitive and a great value. The price will go up as the size of the boat and number of luxury amenities go up, allowing you to scale to suit your budget. Choosing a boat charter vacation is a great value and, arguably, a best-kept vacation secret. When you are ready for a fun and relaxing VIP-style vacation, enjoy a cruise aboard the luxurious and beautiful Pyewatcket.


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